Deep Flow Bodywork

60 min. $140

90 min. $190

2 hrs $240


Deep flow is for most the study of the clients 's body by looking at their posture, imbalances, & alignment. Based on the information gathered we use manual therapy to bring the body to its optimal alignment. We address the "envelop" the fascial matrix, in relationship with the bones and breath.  We work through the soft tissues, fascia and bring the bones into their new space while coaching the breath.  The client will receive new information how they carry their body, the roots of their aches and pain, and go back to their life's with more information about how their body works. 

The concept of this treatment is not a way to "fix" the clients ailment by the therapist only, but a way to use what the body reveals to educate the clients on how their body is functioning and bringing awareness so that the healing can happen through out their day to day life.