Marie Soleil has been our family masseuse for years and she is the best.
You don’t always get the same routine as she will tailor suit your needs and
root out the tension spots and the knots .  Marie Soleil is very versatile and applies different
methods to suit your needs. Cannot recommend her highly enough!.
Go treat yourself and be reinvigorated!”

I've had many treatments around Whistler and Marie Soleil's is by far the best I've had. Whether it be for relaxation, or deep tissue, the experienceshe provides is like no other and her passion to help others is very apparent. I could not recommend her enough.

Ranya Dube

My husband and I have been seeing Marie-Soleil for over six years. She has a vast knowledge of massage and other healing techniques and is continuously enhancing her skills. Whether you are looking for relaxation, treatment or a combination thereof, she never disappoints. Marie-Soleil has a deep understanding of the body's muscular systems and has the ability to identify issues before they become a larger problem. She can draw on a multitude of disciplines to tailor your session to best suit your needs. Marie-Soleil is a consummate professional who is truly dedicated to her craft. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Corina Reynolds

As Founder and Managing Director at CWR I have hired quite a few exceptional spa practitioners in the past 16 years of operation. I also make a point to use those services and over the years I have found a few that exceed those standards of exceptional. This past season 2014 was the year of Marie-Soleil Boisvert, who was nicked named Marie Sunshine as that was what she brought to work everyday. Marie has a gift or as I like to say magic hands, she was able to in a few long sessions open the muscles in my lower back to enable me to bend and touch my toes. That is remarkable because I haven't been able to do that in a decade. I do hope that Miss Sunshine decides to join us again for the summer 2015.

John Calton, Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

It has been a pleasure to deal with and book Marie-Soleil as a massage therapist for many of our clients while on vacation in Whistler.  Every single client that has had a massage with her is quite pleased, and most mention it was the best massage they have ever had anywhere in the world. This is quite a compliment as we deal with clients that travel all over the world, and to very luxurious hotels and spas.  

Mark Lasseter
Whistler Wired Vacations