Restorative Bodywork

60 min. $140

90 min, $190

2 hrs $240


Restorative Bodywork is the art of combining manual therapy and restorative yoga to balance and align body, mind, breath and soul. The conjunction of restorative yoga poses with myofascial release techniques help to access and release deep holding patterns that feed chronic pain and stress related ailment.

The combination of these approaches although very settles is deeply felt within the fascial matrix, and the deep unwinding of the tissues has an impact on all systems. Placing the body in posture such as gentle bend, twist and extension affect a proper flow of the spinal fluid. This allows for the breath to slow down travel further and for the client to enter a meditative state where healing can take place.

The synthesis of manual therapy with restorative yoga not only helps regulate the client's nervous system but also introduce a vast new healing and well-being possibilities for the clients.

We learn that patterns of anxiety or depression are actually lodge in our tissues, posture, breath as well as our personalities, showing the effects of stress on the nervous system.

Through Restorative bodywork we work with what is already happening within the body and what is ready to shift and willing to change.